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This low traffic lists announces software releases and group orders for parts or boards. It is only one or two messages per month and doesn't allow postings. For questions and discussions, please use the autopilot-devel list. Archives are also available. You can Subscribe to autopilot-announce here.


This is the high traffic technical list that covers day to day discussion on software, UAVs, electronics, helicopters, aerodynamics and politics. If you're interested in helping out, please sign up and send a "Hello, world!" message to the list describe your involvement or interest in UAVs. The archives are also online and can make for interesting reading. We've discussed most everything at one time or another, so you might find the answers in the archives. You can subscribe to autopilot-devel here.


If you are totally hard-core and interested in every bit of development, this might interest you. All the diffs of the CVS commits are archived and sent to this list. Subscribe to autopilot-commits here.

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