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Systems overview

Rev 3

To be written as the boards are designed. The rough overview is as shown in this diagram:
[ Rev 3 block diagram ]

Rev 2

[ Top view of a populated 2.2 board ] The Rev 2 system consists of a Linux iPAQ for the computational engine, an 802.11 card for networking and a custom realtime board for servo control and inertial sensors. Specifics on the rev 2.4 realtime board construction details are available.

The systems are coupled in this fashion:

[ Block diagram of the rev 2 setup ]

[ Inertial sensor close up ] The inertial sensors are three Tokin CG-16D angular rate gyros and one or two ADXL202-EB accelerometers. The analog outputs of each of these are low pass filtered through opamps and amplified to make full use of the 5 V range of the Mega163's ADC.

The PPM radio signals are decoded by the board as well. The 2.2 board is "in the loop" for safety pilot switching and servo control.

Rev 1

The Rev 1 system had a custom realtime board with simplistic servo drivers and two MG100 angular rate gyros for inertial sensing. It never flew autonomously or even in the loop.

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