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<Blurry image of the first prototype in flight>


[ The first prototype in flight ]

As with all Free Software projects, this is a result of many people's effort and contributions. In roughly the order of appearance:

  • Trammell Hudson
    Trammell started the project in August of 2001 after crashing yet again. Wrote the initial code base and moved the project to Source Forge.
  • Lee Ward
    Lee has helped out with crashing the prototypes and provides space for testing.
  • Ben Adams
    Ben wrote the safety pilot pal that allows the human pilot to take control away from the computer.
  • Mick Lee
    Mick produced the PDF schematic of the Rev 1.0 PCB. He has also provided electrical engineering aid on the PCB design.
  • James Holbrook
    James' company builds UAV's for the Border Patrol, so he has lots of experience in operating RPV rotorcraft. He's provided innumerable advice on helicopter setup and operation.
  • Shawn Everson
    Shawn provided details on thermocouples as well as other general EE advice.
  • Martin Spott
    Martin is pushing for us to have better graphics in the ground station and wants Flight Gear / OpenGC integration.
  • Marc Ramsey
    Marc has been very helpful with pointing out analog signal problems and interfacing with different rate sensors.
  • Aaron Kahn
    Aaron was a contestant at the AUVS aerial robotics competition and provided all of the details on Kalman filtering. Without his help the attitude estimates would be way off. He also contributed the core code for the simulator model.
  • Bram Stolk
    Bram provided the OpenGL framebuffer dumping code, as well as donated some Murata gyros in exchange for some help with shipping.
  • Brett Burnett
    Brett is responsible for almost the entire Rev 2 control board. He's also tracked down most of the components and interface details.
  • Dennis B. D'Annunzio
    Dennis is building one of the Rev 1.0 PCB units to log attitude data and pilot controls so that we can better determine the control rate responses for different models. He's also wrote the guide to engine tuning. And his old XCell Pro1 will soon be outfitted with sensors for testing.

Corporate Support:

The Rotomotion Corporation has helped support the project through donations of hardware and developer time. You can order mugs, shirts, hats, etc with their cool logo and images of the project from cafepress.

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